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Desiremovie: Do you like to download and watch movies, whether it is Bollywood, Hollywood, south, Gujarati movies ect.. from then this post is for you.

If you like to watch movies, then you must have downloaded the movie for free at some time, so today I will tell you about a site provides free movie, and people download it for free.

If you want to download any movie for free, then let me tell you that downloading any movie for free is illegal, and newer makes you excited to download a pirated movie.

What is Desiremovie?


If you download a movie online, you must have heard the name of Desiremovie at some time, or if you do not listen, let me tell you.

Today I am telling This is because if we download something from a Desiremov!e, then in such a situation, we create a digital footprint on the Internet so that any Security Service can detect our IP (Internat Protocol).

So today, I create an article about what is DesireMovie, how it works, and whether downloading movies from this type of site is right. Then let’s start.

Desire movie is a very famous movie downloader website from You can easily access this website without creating an account.

They offer you to download any movies from their like Bollywood, Hollywood, TV shows, Web series, Punjabi Movies, Pakistani Movies, Tamil Movies, Telugu Movies, English Web series, Hindi Dubbed Movies, Dual Audio Movies, etc.

Which types of movies are upload to Desiremov!e? – (Desiremovie – categories)

Movies of every category are available in it, of which it is of any quality, it is definitely available with them, in the screenshot, you can see that many categories are available in it.

  • Desiremovie
  • Desiremovie
  • Desiremovie

Categories :

1. Bollywood
2. Hollywood movie (English)
3. Hollywood movie (Hindi)
4. South movie (Hindi)
5. Gujarati movie
6. Marathi movie
7. Panjabi movie
8. Raw
9. Korean movie
10. Movie series
11. Marvel movie (Hindi)
12. Pakistani movie
13. Tv show
  • Desiremovie
  • Desiremovie

The biggest reason for this is that all the content given in it is in free, People like free stuff more. nobody wants to waste money anywhere and this is the reason why people keep on visiting.

South movies are very much like in India, which are always with them, that’s why Desire movie quite popular.

How to Download any movie from Desiremov!e?

How to do people download Bollywood, Hollywood, South movie and any other latest movie from desire movie?

If you want to download any movie from Desiremovie, then in such a situation, you will have to search the site according to the category. Otherwise, you can type the title of the film in the search bar itself so that the film will come to you immediately.

On this website, You can download movies in many formats. That is, according to the need, you can download a print for yourself, such as 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, etc..

  • new movie
  • movie download
  • latest south movie

It is illegal to download movies from DesireMovie. Who want to download any movie by going to this site, understand that they are committing a crime in the eyes of the law, they can also be a part of a punishment for this crime, so do not download any content from Desire movie website.

You should not download movies from any such websites because the government considers those people who go to the Desremov!e and another website to download these illegal pirated content.

  • how to download any movie from Desiremovie website

DesiremovieDownload New Tamil Movies HD

Latest Tamil movies are always available on this portal in full HD qualities. If you finding them then download by clicking on the Tamil category.

You can also check and visit this site and decide what they are providing through this website for free.

Tamil Movie is the most popular movie all over India, especially their Hindi version. You can know about the Bahubali Hindi version of how popular in public. And all popular movies upload on their website for free.

Movie4me – Download Bollywood, Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies in HD

How many other websites of Desiremov!e?

Desiremovie is a movie website and this movie website is banned because all movie is uploading by using the illegal method like piracy.

Why sometimes the government blocks this type of website domain in India and that’s why the movie website changes their domain names every time.

It has always been the endeavour of the government that all such sites should be closed, But even after blocking, this site changes their URL, That way it can access again.

They used much domain in the past few month’s reasons are the same. I have listed them some domains as follows:

Desiremov! Desiremov!
Desiremov!e.bin Desiremov!
Desiremov! Desiremov!
Desiremov! Desiremov!
Desiremov!e.wz Desiremov!
Desiremov! Desiremov!
Desiremov! Desiremov!
Desiremov! Desiremov!
Desiremov! Desiremov!
Desiremov! Desiremov!

The movie production company makes a movie after a lot of hard work. Desiremovie provides these movies free for people, due to which the film production company has to suffer a lot of losses.

Desiremov!e is an illegal website due to copyright rules. If you download any movie from this website, you can raise the issue. Many are in jail due to pirated content publishing on their website.



As per government law, the privacy of the original content is illegal and completely opposes privacy. this content is meant to inform and keep away from illegal activities. its purpose is a note to promote or encourage illegal activities in any way.



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